Mobile Website Design and Development

When you access your website via mobile phone or a smart phone is your current website compatible for them. You will notice that your site is not similar, when browse on a Desktop or a Laptop.

responsive websiteNow a day it's essential to have a responsive website because number of mobile phone users are accessing internet on their handy mobile devices.

I design and build a "fluid" layout which is compatible to almost all mobile devices. Here the fluid layout stands for no limitation for screen size of the mobile device landscape or portrait mode., whether it has a higher resolution or small one 320 x 480; it should be auto resize and align to centre in order that it will not look out of screen. So basic things to keep in mind are use of ems for fonts and percentages instead of pixels for layout

It may be time consuming to view the entire website on a mobile device so the best suggestion for this is to keep the most important information on the page with ease to read and navigate. Optimization of the page is similarly necessary for the mobile website so we keep all the required title tags, descriptions meta tags, heading tags, alt text etc.

You can run your website on a separate .mobi domain or as a sub domain of your current website

According to a survey
Web search through the mobile handsets has improved by 4x since 2010 and
The percentage of mobile web users would increase by 2017

mobile web design dehradun
mobile web designing dehradun
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